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If you struggle to open your doors or locks due to arthritis; suffer from a weak grip or chronic condition, then add a Keywing to your key.

Simply fit your key with a Keywing and you’ll grip and turn keys with ease, reducing the effort required to unlock or lock doors, turning your key into a handy thumb turn..so simple.

Each pack includes three Keywings in stunning Pink, Blue and Green, making them easy to see. Make your keys easier to find and turn locking or unlocking doors. Make fumbling with cold keys or dropping your keys a thing of the past, thanks to a warm to touch nylon keywing.

Suitable for Arthritis, MS or Parkinson’s and anyone with a weak grip or poor dexterity

Keywing features and benefits

  • provides greater grip for small keys
  • offers better leverage to turn locks
  • requires less effort to turn locks
  • easier to see your key
  • identify your keys by colour code to avoid trying the wrong key
  • dimpled easy-to-grip wings for better grip
  • warmer than holding the key
  • lightweight
  • award-winning design
  • Made in Britain

Note: The Keywing is suitable for flat ‘Yale’ style keys. Not suitable for mortice lock /chubb keys.

Key Wing Retail Pack of 3
Keywing Key Turner

£15.59 inc. VAT