Our aim is to find inspirational daily living aids that make everyday tasks easier, for stress-free independent living.

Using our years of experience, we have sourced the finest collection of inspirational daily living aids, for around the home, so that you don’t have to.

We have literally hundreds of daily living ideas on display, in our showroom and available to buy here online.

Visiting our showroom couldn’t be easier, because we have FREE parking right outside and there are no steps. You can find us by clicking here

Shopping Trolleys

Shopping Bag Handles

From £3.75 with VAT relief




Hosiery and other Footwear Products

Elasticated Shoelaces


Dressing Aids

Button Aid

From £8.29 with VAT relief

Dressing Aids

Dressing Stick


Dressing Aids

Sock and Stocking Aid


Hosiery and other Footwear Products

Cosyfeet – Gripped Socks


Grabbers and Reachers

Folding Reacher


Grabbers and Reachers

Classic Reachers


Clocks & Watches

Digital Talking Wristwatch

£11.99 with VAT relief

Grabbers and Reachers

Handigrip Pro Grabber Reacher


Around The Home

Day of the Week Clock


Daily Living Aids

Shopping Trolley 2 Wheel


Grabbers and Reachers

Shoe Helper reacher


Extra Wide Slippers for Men

Mens Slippers

From £28.29 with VAT relief
From £29.17 with VAT relief

Extra Wide Slippers for Women

Cosyfeet – Diane Ladies Slippers

From £29.17 with VAT relief