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Do you miss phone calls because you simply can’t hear the phone ring? Boost the volume of your telephone ring to 95db with this handy ringer amplifier.  When the phone rings it will be louder and the strobe light on the ringer amplifier will flash too.

Simply plug the ringer amplifier in between the phone socket and your telephone.

You’ll never miss another call again.


  • Quick and simple to install and compatible with BT phone lines.
  • Unplug the cable that connects your telephone to the wall socket at the phone end
  • Plug your telephone into the ringer amplifier socket marked ‘Tel’
  • Then plug the cable that plugs into the wall socket into the ringer amplifier marked ‘Line’
  • Set the volume to high or low
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Phone ring amplifier with flashing strobe
Telephone Ringer Amplifier

£23.99 inc. VAT