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This product is made in Britain

Soothing Emu Balm uses 100% natural ingredients, including 6 anti-inflammatories that have been used to treat health conditions for thousands of years.

As we get older, conditions like poor circulation and arthritis are commonplace.

But why put up with discomfort or pain when Emu Balm is the ideal holistic solution and natural alternative to chemical based topical ointments.

See below to discover what’s in our Emu Balm.

Available in 10g and 100g pots. Why not try our 10g pot? Once you benefit from Emu Balm’s healing properties, we’re sure you’ll be back for a larger 100g pot.


Emu Oil Balm is available in 10g & 100g Pots
Emu Oil Balm 10g

£10.00 inc. VAT