Did you know that 30th April – 6th May is National Gardening Week? 

rise-furniture-and-mobility-garden-blogSpring is the perfect time to remind yourself of the years of enjoyment you have spent in your garden. But, if using regular gardening tools is becoming difficult perhaps you should consider the key features of high quality Easi-Grip garden tools:

If you struggle from a weakened grip; poor hand control, some kind of visual impairment or have difficulty bending did you know that there are specialist garden tools that can help you enjoy your garden like you used to?

Easi-Grip® adaptive garden tools bring accessibility to this significantly, therapeutic activity for those with upper limb difficulties and wheelchairs. Or simply bring “more work for less effort” to keen able-bodied gardeners. You can see our range of inspirational garden tools by clicking here.

High quality stainless steel garden tools benefit from an ergonomic handle. The design of these tools makes them ideal for use by all gardeners irrespective of age or ability. An optional arm support cuff is available for those with conditions that significantly reduce grip strength.



The illustration demonstrates the benefits of the ergonomic handle. Traditional in-line tools create wrist strain and after prolonged use can cause calluses on the hands.


  • Stainless steel tool, prevents soil adhesion for easier use and cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle keeps hand in natural position, preventing strain
  • Non-slip grip, prevents tool slipping in the hand even in wet conditions
  • Brightly coloured handle – easy to find in garden or shed
  • Extremely light-weight
  • 2year guarantee
  • Made in UK

For gardeners working from a seated position, four long reach tools, cultivator, fork, hoe and trowels are available, so that you can still reach ground level. You see all of these by clicking here. Alternatively you may find it comfortable to use these from a standing position. Although these tools still have all the benefits of our ergonomic handle we recommend they are used with a arm support cuff for optimum control and minimum strain on the wrist.

Angled handle

Keeps the hand and wrist in a natural angle with prevents causing discomfort of the wrist

Non-slip grip

Tool does not require such a firm grip and is less likely to twist in wet or damp conditions

Extended shank

Allows a longer reach so wheelchair gardeners or those with bending difficulties can reach ground level

Stainless steel tool

Tool glides smoothly through soil even when wet and stops the tool becoming heavy with the weight of any adhered earth

Option to add arm support cuff

Versatility, allows any tool to be used as it is, or with extra assistance. Suitable for use in groups of gardeners with different needs or can be adapted if user’s strength deteriorates

Hand tools with longer handles are useful for light digging and cultivating the soil. They are particularly recommended if you garden sitting down or can’t bend easily.

With a range of super soft and comfortable neoprene gardening wear including a tool belt and kneeling pad not only will you be more comfortable but stylish too. Gardening; decorating or scrubbing the floor will never be the same again. With contoured edges these kneeling pads allow you to work on your knees for prolonged periods. A deep layer of shock absorbing EVA foam is lined with a luxurious memory foam top layer for the ultimate in comfort. Covered in a quick drying, wipe clean nylon coated neoprene outer layer makes this kneeling pad a must have for the gardening enthusiast.

Lady gardening and kneeling on a Kneelo kneeling pad in Poppy Red

Every gardener needs a good pair of gardening gloves. Bringing together fashion and function, a pair of ladies or gentlemen’s gardening gloves, are not only a technical, high performance gardening glove but make the perfect present for any green fingered horticulturist. Look for a quality pair of gloves that include; ultra-soft feel yet hard-wearing, fabric that won’t stiffen after drying. To improve dexterity and regulate hand temperature, high quality gardening gloves feature stretch mesh between the fingers. Wrist straps provide a snug fit and stops debris dropping into glove. Padded palms, give extra cushioning and protection from thorn and nettles.

So no matter the size of your garden, properly equipped with the correct tools means that you can still enjoy your garden in your later years without discomfort.