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Avoid the boredom of lockdown!!!!

Staying home, Self isolating or simply bored at home?

“I Love Autumn” is just one of a collection of 1000 piece jigsaws capturing the comical, silly side of autumnal life. Brilliantly illustrated cartoons by Mike Jupp, of scenes typical of a seaside holiday.You’ll spend hours of fun completing this beautiful, humorous jigsaw.

Why not collect the others?

See how many of your favourites you can find, in this high quality, beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzle.
Go grab a cup fo tea (and some cake) and tuck into this fantastic puzzle!
Founded in 1919 Gibsons have been producing their best-selling jigsaws and keeping generations entertained for over a century.
i Love Autumn by Mike Jupp 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
I Love Autumn – 1000 piece Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzle

£15.99 inc. VAT