Are you an avid knitter?

Have you ever heard of a Twiddle Muff?

twiddle-muff-knittedA Twiddle Muff is a knitted muff with items incorporated into them to keep fingers and hands active for anyone living with dementia. Twiddle Muffs can contain beads, different fabrics and textured ribbons and are attached to both inner and outer of the muff. twiddle-muffsRestless hands is common for anyone living with dementia and a Twiddle Muff is tactile and useful to keep their hands busy, as well as providing visual, sensory stimulation whilst keeping fingers and hands warm. We encourage volunteers to come forward and make use of thir knitting skills to create more Twiddle Muffs as part of our work to raise dementia awareness. Whether you are an expert or novice knitter, the knitting pattern is very simple. We encourage non-knitters to get involved too by donating wool, buttons, beads, ribbons or anything that can be used and incorporated into the Twiddle Muff safely. Harrogate’s leading mobility retailer, multi-award winning Rise Furniture and Mobility, are giving away a FREE Twiddle Muff with every purchase from their selection of Dementia friendly products when you shop in store and online here. If you would like further information and how to donate a Twiddle Muff or materials please drop them into our Harrogate’s leading mobility showroom at Rise Furniture and Mobility 34c Leeds Road Harrogate HG2 8BQ. You can download and print off  Twiddle Muff instructions here twiddle-muffs nhs fact sheet or see below… Twiddle Muff instructions Materials
  1. This muff pattern is perfect for using up left over and odd balls of wool
  2. Needles 8mm circular (I preferred to use 6.5cm straight needles)
Instructions Cuff Cast on 40 stitches using 2 strands of double knitting wool (you can also use 1 strand of chunky wool) Work in a stocking stitch (knit a line pearl a line) for 11 inches Muff Body Continuing with stocking stitch and using up oddments of various textures of wool e.g chunky, mohair, ribbon etc. Until work measures 23 inches, cast off. Decoration and finishing Now is the time if you want to decorate the muff body with beads, flowers, zips, loops etc. Neatly join sides together with pearl side facing you Turn inside out Push the cuff up inside the muff body Neatly sew together the two ends as pictures above