Did you know? 120,000 people with dementia live alone and this is going to double within 20years…

This year as part of Dementia Action week, Alzheimer’s Society is encouraging everyone to take action, by starting a conversation…

It’s time to start talking; to your neighbour, a relative or loved one about Dementia.

Dementia Action Week is all about reaching out to communities; businesses and individuals throughout the country to unite and help people with dementia live better lives.

As part of our support for Dementia Action week we’ll be supporting Knaresborough Community Dementia Action Group, as they hold their ‘ask us anything’ event at Knaresborough library on 21 May 2019.

invitation to join us

This event is just one of the hundreds of similar events that are taking place this week across the UK, Wales and Northern Ireland raising awareness of dementia.

Rise Furniture and Mobility are proud to be a Dementia Friend and support our local community in raising awareness, in fact we’ve special section of our website dedicated to inspirational daily living aids to help people with dementia. You can see these products by clicking here.

The campaign aims to end the awkwardness and create a more inclusive society for people affected by dementia.

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