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If your’e thinking of replacing your bed? Look for the big tick logo.

It’s National Bed Month in March – and for the first time ever, consumers can now buy a new bed with the reassurance that it is ‘officially’ safe, clean and honest.

The National Bed Federation’s ‘NBF Approved’ large tick logo means the manufacturer who made that bed has been independently audited, to make sure they follow all the required procedures to produce safe, clean and hygienic mattresses. In short, that they are what they say they are.

This move follows increasing mistrust among consumers about the products they are buying. Particularly those where the contents are unseen and taken on trust. It covers everything from ready-made meals to lotions and potions. And beds.

New code of practice

NBF is the UK trade association for British bed manufacturers. And to meet its new Code of Practice, member companies have had to go through rigorous and independent audits. “We wanted to ensure that our mark of approval really meant something,” said Jessica Alexander, executive director of the NBF.

Particularly important to anyone buying a new bed is its safety and the reassurance that the mattress meets strict British flammability regulations. If it doesn’t – and recent publicity has highlighted the growing number of illegal mattresses being sold with counterfeit FR labels – then it could prove fatal if ignited.

Less dramatic but still concerning are health and hygiene issues. We all want to think the nice new bed we are getting in to is clean and hygienic – and the NBF Approved logo means consumers can be sure that the bed they are buying comes from a manufacturer with all the right procedures in place to be sure it is just that.

And lastly, we want to know that the mattress we are buying contains exactly what it says it does. Not to do so contravenes the Trades Descriptions Act – and again, the big tick logo means you can be assured the product you are buying is as described.

It’s an initiative that The Sleep Council both supports and endorses. Said spokesperson Lisa Artis: “This is great news for consumers and we would urge anyone buying a bed to look out for the NBF’s new mark of approval – it’s designed to keep people sleeping safe as well as sound.”

buy-british-bedsSaid Jessica Alexander: “For reputable manufacturers, the NBF Approved logo is merely confirmation that they are – and always have been – following all the right procedures.

“Unfortunately there are less scrupulous traders out there who are now selling products that can’t be trusted – and with a mattress it’s hard to know what you are buying.

“The new NBF Approved logo means people can buy a mattress in the certain knowledge that it is safe, clean and honest.”

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