What is a rise and recline chair?

Rise and recline chairs are also known as riser recliner chairs or electric recline chairs. In the British furniture market, rise and recline chairs are synonymous with older people, due to the unique rising action of the chair. Although on the continents of Europe and the United States, rise and recliners are popular among nursing mothers.

A rise and recliner chair will safely elevate you from a comfortable seated position to almost standing without leaving your seat. It can also lower you safely from standing to a comfortable seating or reclined position using the electrically operated hand control.

How does a rise and recline chair work?

Most rise and recline armchairs are operated by a motor underneath the seat, connected to a household electric mains socket. This motor can bring the user from a seated position to almost standing and vice versa safely. And from seated to a relaxing recline position effortlessly at the touch of a button.

What are the benefits of a rise and recline chair?

Getting up out of your chairrise and recliner chair

You may not have noticed, but very few people ever rise vertically from an armchair. This is because we tend to lean forward as we rise to stand. For anyone with limited mobility or balance issues this is often difficult to do safely.

  • Using the hand control whilst still seated, can raise the chair to a position where we can use the chair arms to push off, simply stepping away safely from the chair without much exertion.



Getting into and reclining your chair

How many times have you noticed an elderly loved one hovering backwards towards their chair and simply collapsing down into the seat? This causes stress on the joints and major body parts.

To sit down comfortably and safely from a standing position, takes control and great core strength of your muscles. Everyone loses strength and natural muscle mass as a natural part of ageing.

  • Sitting back into the chair comfortably and safely, is done by reversing how got out of the chair.

With the chair in an elevated position (directly behind us), we can simply sit down safely and lower the chair using the hand control, without putting the body under any stress or strains.


How to choose the right rise and recline chair?

Think back to when you bought your armchairs or suite…Most people will have wandered into a large furniture store, viewed several displays and found a suite that appealed to their lifestyle and budget, sat on it for two minutes before choosing the fabric colour and making their purchase.

Choosing the right rise and recline chair is very different.

  • Firstly, there are different motor mechanisms to choose from. Do you need a single or dual motor mechanism?
  • What measurements do I need? Who will measure me?
  • How do I know which chair is right for me?
  • Why are there so many different back cushions?

If you want to learn more about choosing the best rise and recline chairs download our definitive buyers guide

rise and recline buyers guide

Why should I be measured for my rise and recline chair?

Buying a rise and recline chair for the first time, is very different from when you bought your previous armchair or suite all those years ago.

Firstly, you may have been much younger and more mobile back in the day so getting into and out of your armchair wasn’t as difficult or as exhausting.

Your existing furniture may now be too low, or too deep which is now uncomfortable and causing poor posture.

Unless both you and your partner are the same height and build, it is likely that you will need different size chairs. It is important to be measured correctly for your rise and recline chair. Unlike mass produced furniture, made in one size, all our rise and recline chairs are made to order, so we can make the chair to fit you.

How long will I have to wait for my new chair?

It is said you can’t hurry a good thing. We don’t have warehouses full of pre-made rise and recliner chairs, shipped from factories in the far East, having taken 3 months to get here.  

All our rise and recline chairs are made to order, in Britain by craftsmen, which means that we can make your rise and recliner sooner than if you ordered from a large high street retailer.

If you need a rise and recline chair in a hurry, we also offer an express chair that can be delivered and installed in your home in under 7 days…so why wait?

Need help in finding your perfect rise and recline chair?

As a professional furniture designer with over 30 years’ experience in furniture manufacturing all over the world; selling furniture in store, online and direct sales, Managing Director Carl Drake is one of the most experienced people in the mobility industry and written a definitive buyer’s guide to help you buy your next rise and recline chair.

Choose a British made rise and recline chair, built for you by craftsmen from Rise Furniture and Mobility, the UK’s most acclaimed mobility retailer means you can sit back and relax in comfort and safety…